Microsoft changes TCP/IP stack

Well, once again Microsoft decided to make their own implementations of standards (remember what happened with Java?). This time they decided that TCP/IP 'raw sockets' are dangerous: "Supporting packet sends from simple user-mode raw sockets makes it entirely too trivial for compromised systems under control of hackers to launch massive distributed denial of service attacks,"... Seguir leyendo →


Testing m0n0wall

Well, as I write this, I'm testing m0n0wall as my firewall. It's quite a good piece of software, but I think it's somewhat "less" that what I'm looking for. Don't get me wrong, it has many usefull features like an excellent traffic shapper, VPN support, and many more, but I miss the IDS (snort) and... Seguir leyendo →

New TLD’s (Top Level Domains)

Well, once again, we have two new TLD's. This time they are .jobs and .travel. My question is: Were they REALLY needed?. I think ICANN keeps approving new TLD's wich people don't really need. Do you know all the TLD's available?, or you just keep surfing .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov and countries top level... Seguir leyendo →


Mandriva Linux

The Mandrake and Connectiva fusion has new name, it's called Mandriva. Personally I dislike that name, but it reflects both old names. What will bring this to all Mandrake users?, who knows!!. Personally I´m thinking of moving to another distro, perhaps Kubuntu. It's not the name change, I was thinking about this before. I like... Seguir leyendo →


Single Board Computer Firewalls

Since a couple of days I have been reading a lot about SBC (single board computers) based firewalls. I have found Soekris and WRAP boards interesting and I think I will get one in the future. I like the idea of having this low power little boxes as a firewall. They are completly quiet boxes,... Seguir leyendo →


Emergency: Contingency Firewall

My IPCop 1.4.5 is working good, and I have no complains till now, but I was a bit nervous about not having a contingency firewall. My old firewall contingency server is now unusable, so al least I must have a software contingency firewall. I have picked Coyote as a floppy based contingency firewall, it needs... Seguir leyendo →


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