New TLD’s (Top Level Domains)

Well, once again, we have two new TLD’s. This time they are .jobs and .travel. My question is: Were they REALLY needed?. I think ICANN keeps approving new TLD’s wich people don’t really need. Do you know all the TLD’s available?, or you just keep surfing .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov and countries top level domains only?

I know many companies want a domain already taken, so using it with a new TLD is an option, but I do not think it’s good for users, they just get confussed.

Unfortunately this seems to keep going, .asia, .mail, .tel, and .xxx are still pending for a decision.

If we think that each activity needs there own TLD, then we will have countless TLD’s. So in my opinion they are pretty useless.

You don’t need to be very smart to know that you will be forced to but more domain names and of course this generate money to “other people”.

If for example you have a travel agency, and you have a couple of domains like “” and “”, now need to own “”, so go ahead and pay for a new domain you don’t really need, don’t want, and were not looking for, but someone could pick it up and steal customers, so now “other people” had created a need for you and you have to pay for it.

No more words.



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