Emergency: Contingency Firewall

My IPCop 1.4.5 is working good, and I have no complains till now, but I was a bit nervous about not having a contingency firewall. My old firewall contingency server is now unusable, so al least I must have a software contingency firewall. I have picked Coyote as a floppy based contingency firewall, it needs only one floppy and does not require a hard drive, so in an eventual hard drive crash it’s obviously a good choice.

It’s a great product and I can easily use it as my main firewall, but I do like IPCop more so I will keep Coyote as my emergency plan.

My only problem setting it up was that in my present IPCop configuration, eth0 is the LAN interface (green), eth1 is the DMZ interface (orange) and eth2 is the WAN interface (red) and Coyote recognized eth0 as my LAN interface, but eth1 and eth2 were WAN and DMZ respectively so I was forced to change cables on the NICs to make it work. This was not a very smart thing to do, since when I do really need it I will probably have forgotten about it and I will think it does not work, so I decided to modify the Coyote installer scripts to make it match my present IPCop configuration. So I modified by hand all the references to eth1 and eth2 on the Coyote generation scripts, replacing eth1 with eth2 and eth2 with eth1. Everything worked as expected and now I do have my contingency floppy based firewall.



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