One boring day I decided it was not fair to have sparky (a SparcStation 10) just collecting dust, so I thought about a good use for it. I have previously tryied to use it as a web server, but it only has 48MB of RAM so Apache and MySQL was too much for it.

An LDAP server seemed as a good use, so I went for it. It was really an easy task, just installed the OpenLDAP debian package (It already had Debian Linux installed). I just had to make a few modifications to slapd.conf file and I was ready. The only use I had for it was as Mozilla Thunderbird’s AddressBook.

I thought about using it as an authentication server, but I think it’s insane to have to turn on three machines (firewall, authentication server, desktop PC) just to check your email and browse a couple of web sites 😦 so it was just a lab exercise, I do not really need and LDAP server!!!.

If you were thinking this was a howto on how to set up an LDAP server, I’m sorry, but I’m sure you can find one googling around.


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