Microsoft changes TCP/IP stack

Well, once again Microsoft decided to make their own implementations of standards (remember what happened with Java?). This time they decided that TCP/IP ‘raw sockets’ are dangerous: “Supporting packet sends from simple user-mode raw sockets makes it entirely too trivial for compromised systems under control of hackers to launch massive distributed denial of service attacks,” (Microsoft warned in a statement to ZDNet Australia).

I´m nor a TCP/IP expert, neither a TCP/IP developer to fully understand this issue and make my own technical based conclusions, so I will use common sense instead.

Microsoft need to make their own modifications to standards and other OSes developers do not need this type of modifications. If this changes are needed on Windows in order to make it more secure, why do other OSes do not need this changes?. Are other OSes less secure or do they really do not need this changes?

We can safely assume other OSes do not need this changes, because neither Mac OS X, Linux, the BSD variants, and many others developers do not said or do nothing about this. Perhaps all the other OS developers are wrong and only Windows developers have the truth…hmm, no I do not think so.

So if other OSes do not need this changes the only conclusion we can get is that Windows need this changes in order to be secure because of Windows design flaws.

Make your own conclusions.



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