Upgraded to IPCop 1.4.6

Ok, I know, I'm too hungry for new versions, but that's me! :-). I upgraded my recently upgraded IPCop box. Now it's running version 1.4.5. Update: Now updated to 1.4.6. With 1.4.4 it was not a smooth upgrade, but don't get me wrong. IPCop itself was easily upgraded, the problems were with "Copfilter" an "Addons... Seguir leyendo →


Linux in an Ethernet RJ-45 jack

This is really interesting, a german company made a network enabled linux system in an RJ-45 jack. It's called "Picotux". It has a 2.4.27 uClinux port. There is also an 802.11b enabled version of it (the antenna is bigger than the machine!!). I really like this kind of small devices, perhaps I can put one... Seguir leyendo →

Reconfigurable Computer C-One

Perhaps not many of you know the C-One (Commodore One). This computer is unique because it's a reconfigurable computer. This means that in can "morph" into many different computers. To say it in simple words it's somewhat like an emulator, but in hardware, more accurately it's reimplementation of other chips in FPGA (field programmable gate... Seguir leyendo →

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