Ajax and Voo2do

Well, many time had passed since my last post, I’ve been a bit lazy about writing, but on the other hand I was not excited too much with anything enough to publish it here.

Sure, many things are floating around, the PSP, Google blog search service, iPod nano and more, but not enough interesting to me.

But that changed, two things caught my attention in the last two days. Ajax and Voo2do.

Ajax is an exciting new approach to writing web applications. It’s not a new technology, but a combinatino of them XHTML, CSS, XML and more. Everything glued at your side with Javascript. Yes, any modern browser is Ajax capable because Ajax is simply a matter of using Javascript to call the remote server to make http transfers with XMLHttpRequest

But what the heck Ajax mean?. Well, the name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML.

Have you noticed that when you browse a web site, you are constantly submitting forms or clicking links so as to send data to a server and then receive it´s response?.

Well Ajax, makes the response seems much faster. When an application is written using Ajax it simply changes the part of the page that has changed and not all of it.

Have you seen how responsive gmail feels? well, they are using Ajax. Many more are using it, like Flickr, Google Maps, A9 and more.

Ajax has an important role in Web 2.0.

The other exciting thing that caught my attention is Voo2do. It´s a simple and very usefull Ajax site. It´s a time management application that you can use from your work, home, or anywhere (well, everywhere you have an internet connection available) to manage your time organizing yourself with projects and tasks.

Simple and nice interface and straight to the point. You will be managing your projects in no time, give it a try.



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