Light WarDriving

Today I went for a little wardriving, it really was baby-sleep-driving, but Luca (my little son) got slept so fast, that I decided to turn on my wifi enabled Palm T5 and went for a little ride.

I have never done it before and I was shocked. I drove for about 10 minutes and I found more than twenty unprotected networks, I mean they were not even using WEP (I know WEP is not really secure). I do not tried to access any of them, but leaved my T5 on and scanning and it found lots of networks but I do not stop the car to access none of them (remember that Luca was supposed to sleep!!!, I do not want him to wake up because I was playing with some poorly protected networks.

Well, my point is how many people do not even bother or know how to protect their networks, or even know that they do have to protect them!!.



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