Palm Tungsten T5 PDA

Well, finally I made up my mind and got a Palm Tungsten T5 (with wi-fi card). I must say I´m soooo pleased with it. It´s a really cool toy!!.

The only thing I do dislike is that the T5 has and internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, that it´s not user replaceable. So what will happen to my T5 when the battery stops working?. Do I have to send it to a repair shop, or what?. Well besides that, this PDA is absolutely fascinating; 256MB of RAM. 160MB of them can be used as a regular pendrive, and of course it can be used as an MP3 player, so I have three in one. A new PDA, an MP3 player (also video player!!!) and an USB pendrive. Ok, perhaps it’s not the best PDA in the world, but consider that my last Palm was a Palm III, so I am very impressed with the T5.

I’ve installed the upgrade from Palm and the wi-fi drivers. Everything went smooth and it’s working fine.

I do not have a wireless network of my own, but I discover a couple of neighbors nets in just seconds, and I will try it on a couple of public hotspots in my town.

Now I have to try it with Linux, because in the hurry I decided to use a Win98 machine to try it, but I will investigate how to use it with Linux. I think that this link will be very helpfull.



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