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PDA though

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I’ve been using my new Tungsten T5 for about a week now and I’m happy with it. My only complain is still about the non user replaceable battery. Perhaps it can be replaced anyway, but I haven’t took apart my T5 yet (I need the torx drivers). I’ve saw batteries for other Palm models at, so perhaps something will appear in the comming months. Let’s wait an see.

All in all, my T5 is an excellent PDA for me, although it has many not so good reviews, but it’s worth my $251.99.- (I bought a blemished one with a free wi-fi card, a very good opportunity I think.)

It has a very strange memory model, 55MB of flash (non-volatile) RAM for your programs and data, 160MB of flash RAM to be used like a flash card, 41MB of flash RAM to store the ROM image and system files and 32MB of RAM used by the T5 to operate normally, take a look here and give me your oppinion.

I’m using it for the same things I used my old trusty Palm III, but now I’m listening podcasts through my 15″ walk to my office and back, and carry some personal files too.

I’ve already made it work with Linux, I just used jPilot on my Mandrakelinux release 10.2 (Limited Edition 2005). I do not needed to install or upgrade anything, The only drawback is that I have to press the hotsync button on the USB connector and a couple of seconds later press the hotsync button on JPilot in order to make a succesfull hotsync, if not it fails.

By the way I’ve been listening Comunicando and Punto y Aparte podcasts regularly and will probably add a couple more (don’t forget that my native tongue is spanish!!, I’m writing this in english just for fun).

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Light WarDriving

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Today I went for a little wardriving, it really was baby-sleep-driving, but Luca (my little son) got slept so fast, that I decided to turn on my wifi enabled Palm T5 and went for a little ride.

I have never done it before and I was shocked. I drove for about 10 minutes and I found more than twenty unprotected networks, I mean they were not even using WEP (I know WEP is not really secure). I do not tried to access any of them, but leaved my T5 on and scanning and it found lots of networks but I do not stop the car to access none of them (remember that Luca was supposed to sleep!!!, I do not want him to wake up because I was playing with some poorly protected networks.

Well, my point is how many people do not even bother or know how to protect their networks, or even know that they do have to protect them!!.


Palm Tungsten T5 PDA

10 agosto, 2005 3 comentarios

Well, finally I made up my mind and got a Palm Tungsten T5 (with wi-fi card). I must say I´m soooo pleased with it. It´s a really cool toy!!.

The only thing I do dislike is that the T5 has and internal Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, that it´s not user replaceable. So what will happen to my T5 when the battery stops working?. Do I have to send it to a repair shop, or what?. Well besides that, this PDA is absolutely fascinating; 256MB of RAM. 160MB of them can be used as a regular pendrive, and of course it can be used as an MP3 player, so I have three in one. A new PDA, an MP3 player (also video player!!!) and an USB pendrive. Ok, perhaps it’s not the best PDA in the world, but consider that my last Palm was a Palm III, so I am very impressed with the T5.

I’ve installed the upgrade from Palm and the wi-fi drivers. Everything went smooth and it’s working fine.

I do not have a wireless network of my own, but I discover a couple of neighbors nets in just seconds, and I will try it on a couple of public hotspots in my town.

Now I have to try it with Linux, because in the hurry I decided to use a Win98 machine to try it, but I will investigate how to use it with Linux. I think that this link will be very helpfull.

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