Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatibility with P4 and Athlon?

It´s been sometime from my last post, mainly because I´m too busy, but also because I do not found really nothing interesting (to myself!) to coment on until today,

I really cannot beleive this. Microsoft has made Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatible with Intel’s P4 and AMD’s Athlon chips. It will only run on Intel’s Celeron chips, AMD’s Duron or Geode chips. On bootup it specifically checks the result of the CPUID instruction and fails to continue if a Pentium 4 or Athlon processor is detected

Why?, simply because Windows XP Starter Edition is for emerging markets.and targets beginner users, so it´s cheaper than other versions of Win XP. In other words, if you buy a P4 or Athlon you will have to pay more for your legal Windows XP, you cannot use a “low end” XP.

Let me make my own reading. Apparently you cannot be a beginner if you have money to buy a P4 or Athlon; money seems to “magically” transform you into an “advanced” user?.

Well, this gives me another reason to continue using Linux.

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  1. I am not a microsoft agent, but, if You use Linux, and You can post a message like You do, certainly you are fare away from the level of the starter edition.
    Anyway, in my country, starter edition has been released at U$S 80, and the XP Home has a value of U$S 105. In addition to the non compatibility with athlon or P4, the starter edition has many incompatibilities with a lot of soft and hard, and lets user open only 3 windows at a time.
    I think, Microsoft is saying “I am making an effort to bring you a unexpensive system”, but it is only a big bullshit.


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