Cherokee Web Server

Today I meet Cherokee, a web server promising to be really fast. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or strings, TLS/SSL (via GNUTLS or OpenSSL), virtual hosts, authentication, PHP and more. Browsing the benchmarks it seems to be really fast. I think I will try it on Sparky (Apache was too much for it).... Seguir leyendo →


Good Old Times

Today I was shocked. Browsing my file systems I have found an old Fred Fish disk collection. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you have probably never used an Amiga. If you have no idea of what an Amiga is, go and check here. Anyway, the Fred Fish disk collection is probably... Seguir leyendo →

Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatibility with P4 and Athlon?

It´s been sometime from my last post, mainly because I´m too busy, but also because I do not found really nothing interesting (to myself!) to coment on until today, I really cannot beleive this. Microsoft has made Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatible with Intel's P4 and AMD's Athlon chips. It will only run on Intel's... Seguir leyendo →

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