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Cherokee Web Server

25 mayo, 2005 Deja un comentario

Today I meet Cherokee, a web server promising to be really fast. It supports on-the-fly configuration by reading files or strings, TLS/SSL (via GNUTLS or OpenSSL), virtual hosts, authentication, PHP and more.

Browsing the benchmarks it seems to be really fast.

I think I will try it on Sparky (Apache was too much for it). I will keep you informed about my progress.


Good Old Times

20 mayo, 2005 Deja un comentario

Today I was shocked. Browsing my file systems I have found an old Fred Fish disk collection. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you have probably never used an Amiga. If you have no idea of what an Amiga is, go and check here.

Anyway, the Fred Fish disk collection is probably one of the biggest public domain software collection for the Amiga computer. I remember ordering some disks directly from Fred and spending endless hours with the software on them.

Browsing them I found the Moria game on disk #194. It’s a single player dungeon simulation. Moria was originally created by Robert Alan Koeneke for a VAX 780 (a supermini computer) and later ported to the Amiga.

I was not hooked to Moria or dungeon games, but I was really hooked to the Amiga. Now in 2005, I cannot believe we are now 18 years ahead of 1987 when I got my first Amiga. I remember many names from those days (in no particular order), Steve Tibbett, Rob Peck, R.J. Mical, Andy Finkel, Allen Hastings, Dave Haynie, Jay Miner, Eric Schwartz and many more. Congratulations to all of them for making the Amiga computer and supporting it.

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Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatibility with P4 and Athlon?

13 mayo, 2005 1 comentario

It´s been sometime from my last post, mainly because I´m too busy, but also because I do not found really nothing interesting (to myself!) to coment on until today,

I really cannot beleive this. Microsoft has made Windows XP Starter Edition uncompatible with Intel’s P4 and AMD’s Athlon chips. It will only run on Intel’s Celeron chips, AMD’s Duron or Geode chips. On bootup it specifically checks the result of the CPUID instruction and fails to continue if a Pentium 4 or Athlon processor is detected

Why?, simply because Windows XP Starter Edition is for emerging markets.and targets beginner users, so it´s cheaper than other versions of Win XP. In other words, if you buy a P4 or Athlon you will have to pay more for your legal Windows XP, you cannot use a “low end” XP.

Let me make my own reading. Apparently you cannot be a beginner if you have money to buy a P4 or Athlon; money seems to “magically” transform you into an “advanced” user?.

Well, this gives me another reason to continue using Linux.

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