Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!, welcome to my blog. Today, March 20th. 2005, I decided to start myself into this blogging maddness. I searched for good blogging software, and choosed WordPress. I really like it, but to be honest I have not really checked all the available options on the blogging scene, just a few and decided to go on with this. I may change in the future, let’s see.

I’m from Rosario, Argentina, and naturally my language is spanish, not english. So why on earth am I writing in english?. Well, I have a good reason, al least for me!. First, I like english. Second, I have a good excuse to practice. Third, let’s face it, the vast majority of the web is in english, although there is a really big chunk of it in spanish too, so once again, this english blog may go multilingual someday, let’s see.

And what stuff you will be able to find here?. Well, mainly stuff I interested in, my projects, and some news. Probably mainly geek and tech stuff.



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